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Below are pictures of some motorcycles owned by:
 Sir George King
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In Memory of Dr. George King

This website and the Cosmic Warrior motorcycle are dedicated to:
 The Aetherius Society founder and my Yoga Master
'Sir' George King

I am Allan Jaggard, business entrepreneur, motorcycle collector and racer.

The Cosmic Warrior website is my creation to honour  H.E. Sir George King,  who passed away on July 12th, 1997, at the ironic time of 4:48 am.  Here you will discover the unusual connection between my Masters' time of passing and how this number relates to my life

Dr. George King - Brief Background

Born in England in 1919, Dr. George King was first contacted by an extra-terrestrial Intelligence in May 1954 having spent the previous ten years practicing advanced forms of yoga for a minimum eight hours a day. In 1955 he founded The Aetherius Society, an international, non-profit, charitable organization. Over the next 42 years he received more than 600 “Cosmic Transmissions” from extra-terrestrial sources, being designated by the space Intelligences as “Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel.” In all Dr. George King published more than 30 books and dozens of cassette tapes containing details of these transmissions and how extra-terrestrials are playing an extremely active role in assisting humanity at this time.  

Cosmic Warrior Motorcycle
The Cosmic Warrior is a machine, but it represents a man.  A unique man, H.E. Sir George King.
A True Cosmic Warrior